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So This Is The New Year?

January 13th, 2011

As the calendar changes and the challenges of 2010 fade into the background, there seems to be a new energy in the air. For the first time since the financial crisis began in 2007, businesses, and more importantly the people behind those businesses, have a palpable sense that the New Year will be a great one. If 2010 was a time for recovery, this New Year is a time for creativity and confidence both personally and professionally. Do you feel it? I know I do.

Despite a growing optimism, we understand that fulfilling these hopes requires a multitude of changes. What Every Merchant Should Know is no exception, and you can expect to find some pleasant surprises and upgrades in the coming weeks.

The one thing that will not change is our dedication to offering unbiased support, advice, and discussion on the topics you are interested in. Take a moment with me to reread that last sentence. Discussion. We all understand what is meant by the word, and we all know that we like being part of a true discourse, yet how often are we really part of the discussion? Merely commenting at the bottom of a blog post may seem like discussion, but it is really just scratching the surface.

When blog author X finishes his ramblings and clicks submit, you see only one carefully crafted statement, to which a few readers attach their own deeply held beliefs and ideas. Do you see the problem that I see? This blogger-reader relationship is a two-way mirror of sorts; I get to see who you truly are, but all you see of me is the dull reflection of unanswered comments against a static blog post background. This, simply put, is not good enough.

Though I can (and will) continue to pass along information and stories I find relevant to the world of credit card processing and merchant accounts, I would much rather talk about what you find relevant. Email me. Tweet me. By all means comment, challenge, question, and converse. What Every Merchant Should Know is here for you, but just as importantly you are here for us. Have a question? Send it along and I promise to find you the best answer in a timely manner in the form of a reader mailbag or standalone post. Have a comment, question, or criticism of something in a post? Say what is on your mind, and expect feedback. Help us put the social into social media.

2011 has the potential to be an incredible year of growth, but only if we reach out and make it so. Do not sit back and get overwhelmed by Merchant Services. Become a part of the process by joining the What Every Merchant Should Know community today.

Twitter- @WEMSK

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