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Is your POS system leaving you –exposed?

January 3rd, 2010

Let’s face it… Point of sale systems are common place in many retail and restaurant environments. In fact, they’re practically a necessity. Clearly there are millions of businesses across the US run without computers and inventory management solutions and other fancy gadgets that make life easy. For those of you who DO have the luxury of such devices–could you imagine running your business without them?

The only problem with any computer attached to a network and specifically the internet, is that it is now subject to being hacked. Furthermore, there is NO fool proof way to ABSOLUTELY guarantee that your systems will not get hacked–unless of course you don’t connect to the web. It’s like your car… you can lock your doors, install an alarm and even use a theft deterrent like “The Club”, but if someone really wants your car–you may as well kiss it good bye… or leave it in your underground bomb shelter… but what fun is that?

So let’s say you have your sweet POS System that helps you run your business. Are you able to afford the hefty fees to keep your software updated year after year? It would be interesting to know–statistically speaking–what percentage of businesses do subscribe to these plans for their POS. From our experience, considering the exhortation cost, the percentage is low. This is a very serious issue because often times those updates include security patches to prevent hack attempts in the first place.

Why is this important? Well, consider this unfortunate Columbus, OH restaurant. Press coverage is fantastic–when it’s for the right reason. What’s worse is Tip Top is not alone. This is an every day occurrence. Of course we do not know–nor are we implying that Tip Top or it’s POS vendor did not keep it’s systems up to date. The fact is–just like your car… it may not matter.

So what’s the solution? Use your POS system to handle all of the intricate details of your business like inventory, time clock, etc. and even as a cash register–but leave the credit card processing portion to a good old fashioned credit card terminal! Well… it doesn’t have to be old fashioned of course.

For example, Payex and it’s resellers across the nation are working hard to help restaurants combat fraud from hackers or even their own employees by bringing payment right to the customer. For example, in this video GGL Processing, a reseller for Payex, helped well known Joe Roots Grill and Lucky Man’s Pizzeria in Erie, PA with just that…

Keeping Payments Where They Belong!

When you’re are ready to:

  • reduce your cost of expensive software upgrades
  • reduce the number of times a server has to visit a table
  • protect your client’s credit card information from hackers
  • protect your client’s from skimming

    Or, if you just simply want to upgrade to the latest and greatest way of accepting credit cards for your pay at the table restaurant or delivery business, remember to call your friends at Payex. A Payex expert will help design a custom solution for your business at the most economical price available!
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